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341: Bonus Holiday Special – 'Christmas Inheritance' on Netflix

Santa is full of surprises this year! Just when you thought you were done with Christmas specials, here comes another one! Just be happy we don’t dress Joe up like Santa and have him deliver it down your chimney.

This time we’re talking yet another new Netflix holiday special – ‘Christmas Inheritance.’ And we are joined by not one… not two… but three special guests! Kevin and Tom convinced their wives to watch the movie, and be a part of the show (hey, it was the only way to get them to listen). Plus, we bring back a fan favorite – sex therapist Lindsay Walden! If you haven’t listened to either of our “50 Shades” episodes, do yourself a favor and go download them! Although this movie is fairly G-rated, the podcast is not!

It’s Reel Spoilers 341. Ho Ho Ho.



Kevin Brackett
Film Critic / Theatre reviewer. Member of the St. Louis Film Critics Association. Co-Owner of Review St. Louis. Co-host of Reel Spoilers. Former National Vice President of the Technology Student Association, comprised of over 200,000 members worldwide.